Our Story

I had not planned on making shade when I started out.  I just wanted some shade for a trip to the beach.

The idea came to me while preparing for a trip to Mustang Island, TX. Fair skin runs on both sides of our family and the kid have no chance, but to burn. I needed some shade for the family to keep us out of the sun and cool when we taking a break from the waves (hard for a 4 and 8 year old). I had owed other shade products that just did not hold up well under heavy wind conditions on the beach or I wound up chasing them down the beach as the wind blew them away.

So on sticky notes and old paper I sketch out some ideas that I thought might work. I went to playing around in my shop and decided to put something together for the trip. I spent a weekend configuring some of the materials I had around the house (cardboard did not work well). I made something that worked but was far from perfect.  Time was up. We had to hit the road.

We arrived at the beach and set up my shade creation. The sun was hot and the wind was gusting up to 40 mph and the shade stood solid. People walking by would stop and comment on the shade asking where it came from.  Our beach neighbors had set up other shade structures around us and were constantly trying to keep their umbrellas and shades from blowing away. We did not have to mess with our shade and just enjoy our time on the beach.

The wind blow so hard during the four days we were camping that it shattered one of the fiberglass tent polls.

All the events of the trip led me back to the garage to rework and rework work. The results of this hard work came Shark Shade. My family would like to share our Shark Shade and other hand crafted products with your family so you too can safely enjoy the cool UV protection of Shark Shade on you own outings.

Enjoy the Shade

Chuck Martin, CEO



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